The naut was conceptualized with an idea: to inspire and impact the everyday person with vision, purpose, and style.

The question we are constantly asking ourselves is how we can do more and make a greater impact—and that starts by going back to the first principles of everything that a company and industry can be. We want to demonstrate that a business can scale, be profitable, and do good in the world—without charging a premium for it. And we've figured out that it takes creativity, empathy, and innovation to reach that goal.

  • Enhanced UV Protection

    Catch every detail with 100% UV protection and improved clarity.

  • Lightweight and durable

    Ultra lightweight for everyday comfort.

  • Contemporary styles

    Get set and glam with trendy designs.

The world needs to move fast to make a meaningful
difference in the fight against climate change.

There are certain problems that are unjust and painful and they strike everybody at some point in their lives. Ours was: Sunglasses, which if used correctly can prevent a lot of eye diseases, but these sunglasses are crazy expensive, they are portrayed and positioned as outside the reach of the everyday person.



Edward Lindgren


Nado Husa


Chineze Afamefuna

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