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Things To Know While Buying Sunglasses

by Lin John on Dec 09, 2022

Sunglasses make life simpler and more comfortable by providing us with vital UV protection. A pair of sunglasses seems so simple; they are made of two pieces of glass or plastic that are enclosed in a metal, acetate, or plastic frame. But it's important to realize that sunglasses are more than just a piece of fashion jewelry; they also protect your skin and eyes. 

There is no denying the importance of sunglasses in your wardrobe, but they also serve a number of other purposes. We've simplified the process for you by going over every important detail, so you know exactly what to look for when purchasing sunglasses:

  • UV Protection
  • Always choose sunglasses that block 100% of UV rays. If exposed to the sun's UV rays for an extended period of time, your skin and eyes could suffer damage. For glare reduction, polarized and anti-reflective lenses work best.

  • Check the material
  • The tint and lens quality are very important. To check for flaws, such as the edge of a door, you can hold the glasses at arm's length and walk in a straight line while looking through the distance of the lenses. The lens would not be perfect if the straight edge curves, distorts, sways, or moves. While shopping for sunglasses, look for the durability, lightness, and polish. 

  • Tinted Sunglasses
  • Your lens color is not just a matter of taste. Regarding your visual field, various tints offer a variety of options. Grey-tinted lenses dim light without distorting colors,blue light and glare are reduced by amber and brown lenses while similar to your car's windscreen, gradient lenses have a darker tint at the top that fades to a lighter tint as they move down the lens.

  • Size does matter
  • Before deciding on the ideal sunglasses fit, there are many factors to take into account. The earpieces that secure the frame in place, the distance between the frame arms, the bridge length of the nose piece, and the thickness of the lens. While commuting, sunglasses that wrap around the eyes can block stray UV light, have a secure fit, and can also keep out dust and allergens.

  • Face Shape
  • Do you have an oblong or an oval face? Whatever style of sunglasses you choose, they must both balance and emphasize your facial features. Without carefully studying your face, you can't carelessly go big with your sunglasses.

  • Keeping up with trends
  • You must choose a fashionable pair of sunglasses frames. If you want to stand out from the crowd with your sunglasses, pick classic designs like aviators, clear frames, rounds, or coloured frames that go with almost anything.

    Now that you are aware of all the key things to look for before buying your new sunnies, we are sure your next purchase will be a fun sport!

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